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May, 26th

Fan Palms

The best time to trim your Fan Palms is just weeks away!

We recommend pruning Fan Palms between June 21th and July 15th.   If they are trimmed too early, you will still get fruit stalks that will emerge and create a mess.  If you do not have a pool, or other landscape features that will suffer from the mess caused by their flowers and fruit, you can extend the July 15th date to whenever is convenient.  When trimmed at the appropriate time (after all stalks have emerged) they will not need to be trimmed again for a whole year.  It is best to trim your palms annually for both aesthetic and economic reasons.  Multiple years of growth provide a neglected look.  Also, neglected palms can be hazardous to climb.  The “skirt” (accumulation of old fronds hanging down) can become detached from the trunk, and fall onto and suffocate whoever attempts to climb the tree.  For this reason palms with three or more years of growth should never be climbed, and should be pruned using a bucket truck.  We can help with palms regardless of their current state.  Our availability is limited during this busy season, so call us now to receive your free quote, and to schedule your palm trimming.

Mexican Fan Palm (Washingtonia robusta)

Mexican Fan Palm (Washingtonia robusta)

Mexican fan palms are characterized by their tall, slender trunk.  They can reach heights in excess of 75 feet.  Palm trees that have not had the skins (portions of the petiole and/or leaf base) removed will have a rough looking trunk.   Although fan palms are more tolerant of drastic pruning we recommend pruning to a 10 o’clock and 2 o’clock position.  Leaving a sufficient number of fronds is necessary to maintain health and longevity.

California Fan Palm (Washingtonia filifera)

California Fan Palm (Washingtonia filifera)

California fan palms are very similar to the Mexican fan palms except they are greater in diameter and do not grow as tall.  The fronds and seed pods are also larger and heavier.  Consequently the cost to trim these fan palms will be more.

Apr, 1st

Date Palms

The best time to trim your Date Palms is fast approaching!

We recommend pruning them May 1 – June 4.  If they are trimmed before May  you will get new Date stalks that emerge and create a mess.  Trim them after early June and they become much more difficult.  This is due to the ripening of the fruit.  As the Date stalks become heavy with fruit it is much more difficult to remove them.  The ripe dates which fall to the ground, also leave what look like blood stains on sidewalks and other hardscape surfaces.  Due to the greatly increased difficulty of pruning them after this date, the price doubles.  Don’t delay – contact us today to schedule your Date Palm pruning, or if we can help with any of your other tree needs.

Date Palm (Phoenix dactylifera)

This feather Palm is characterized by a rough trunk approximately 18 inches in diameter and grows to 60 feet high.  They are less tolerant of drastic pruning and should be left much fuller.  Many companies prune them incorrectly causing harm to both their aesthetics and health. The female variety, in the presence of pollen, produces profuse quantities of dates, which can be a huge nuisance as they ripen and fall.

Oct, 1st

Fall/Winter Tree Care Benefits

Temperatures are finally headed downward and so is the cost to take care of all your trimming and removal needs! Fall and winter are great times to trim many of our Arizona tree species. It is also a beautiful time to enjoy the outdoors and spend time in your yard. Let us help you make this experience more enjoyable by sprucing up those overgrown and unsightly trees.

Some of the benefits of fall and winter pruning are:

1. It’s less stressful to have your trees trimmed during these cooler months. Trees that need more aggressive thinning or reduction can be safely pruned without worrying about sunburn from the intense summer sun.

2. The aesthetic benefits will last longer. Trees pruned during this time “hold” their pruned shape as their growth rate slows and they become more dormant in the cooler months.

3. Demand for tree services decrease in the fall and winter. If you’ve been putting off tree trimming or tree removal projects, now is the time to take advantage of lower pricing for these services.

4. Our turn-around time to schedule your job is shorter than at other times of the year.

5. Pine trees that are pruned in fall and early winter will ooze less sap, reducing the mess.

To take advantage of all of these benefits call us today. We will send out one of our Certified Arborists to see how we can protect and enhance your tree investment. We promise top quality tree care service at competitive prices.