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Apr, 1st

Date Palms

The best time to trim your Date Palms is fast approaching!

We recommend pruning them May 1 – June 4.  If they are trimmed before May  you will get new Date stalks that emerge and create a mess.  Trim them after early June and they become much more difficult.  This is due to the ripening of the fruit.  As the Date stalks become heavy with fruit it is much more difficult to remove them.  The ripe dates which fall to the ground, also leave what look like blood stains on sidewalks and other hardscape surfaces.  Due to the greatly increased difficulty of pruning them after this date, the price doubles.  Don’t delay – contact us today to schedule your Date Palm pruning, or if we can help with any of your other tree needs.

Date Palm (Phoenix dactylifera)

This feather Palm is characterized by a rough trunk approximately 18 inches in diameter and grows to 60 feet high.  They are less tolerant of drastic pruning and should be left much fuller.  Many companies prune them incorrectly causing harm to both their aesthetics and health. The female variety, in the presence of pollen, produces profuse quantities of dates, which can be a huge nuisance as they ripen and fall.

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