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Aug, 18th

Fall Fertilization?

Should I fertilize my trees, and if so when?

If you have Elm, Ash, Bottle, Eucalyptus, Queen Palms and many other species of trees, the fall is a great time to have them fertilized.
While soil in the Phoenix area often has sufficient levels of essential plant nutrients such as iron, zinc and other trace nutrients, our soil pH is typically quite high. This makes these essential plant nutrients unavailable. Deep Root Fertilization provides a way for trees to receive the nutrients they need.

There are many kinds of fertilizers. We recommend and use an extended- release nitrogen that breaks down slowly and provides sustained plant nutrition over as long as nine months. This also prevents fertilizer burn, and reduces the labor costs of multiple applications. If you do not use a slow release fertilizer you will usually need to fertilize several times per year. Typically we recommend Root Feeding, or injecting fertilizer into the ground throughout the root system. The best time to do this is usually February – March. If your trees are struggling from nutrient deficiencies, it often makes sense to fertilize them again in the Fall. In our mild winter climate, trees experience a longer growing season than in colder climates. Fertilizing in the fall can lead to more vigorous root growth throughout the cooler months. This enables trees to get a better start on their spring growth.

So, if you have not fertilized your trees this year, or if you did not use a slow release fertilizer, or have concerns about the health of any of your trees, please call us to assess your trees and provide you with fertilization recommendations.

There is no charge for fertilization proposals and during the month of September we are offering 20% off all fertilization orders if you mention you read about this special on our website.

  1. Dave
    August 19th, 2009 at 16:56 | #1

    Website looks great, good job guys!

  2. January 21st, 2013 at 19:53 | #2

    Make sure that a tree or shrub is not suffering from insects, diseases, compacted soil or bad weather. If they are growing normally, there is likely no need to fertilize. Apply fertilizer when trees and shrubs are actively growing and there is adequate soil moisture. Early spring is good. Do not apply when plants are stressed by drought or when water is unavailable; water is needed to carry the nutrients to the roots.

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