Olive Spraying
Avoid the mess

Fruit & Pollen Reduction

Olive trees which are not treated produce an abundance of olives. This fruit is high in oil content and has a staining pigment. As the fruit ripens and drops to the ground it can create a horrible mess. When fruit falls over walkways it can be tracked indoors and ruin carpet and other surfaces. Also, many people are highly allergic to the pollen these trees produce each Spring. To curtail these problems, we offer Arizona olive spraying with a growth regulator which reduces both pollen and fruit production.

Simple and effective

Our Spraying Benefits


We use “Maintain”, the most effective chemical available to control olive fruit.


In order to apply growth regulators, Arizona law requires Arizona olive tree spraying applicators be tested and licensed. All our applicators are licensed, highly trained, and experience, having successfully sprayed thousands of trees.


Maintain, the growth regulator we use, dramatically reduces pollen when sprayed from late January through the month of March.


Our treatment requires only one application annually, reducing resident’s inconvenience and exposure.


We utilize the most efficient spray equipment and techniques in the valley. Our efficiency and knowledge translates into lower prices for you. Put our expertise to work to insure you receive the best value.