Stump Grinding
Get it all out

Complete Removal

Why go through the expense of having trees removed from your property only to leave unsightly stumps in their place? Such stumps create a trip and fall hazard, make your property look like someone did not finish the job, and in some cases even re-grow into another tree.

Grinding those stumps below your existing grade allows for effective repair and replanting of the area. In many cases we can grind sufficiently so that you can plant a new tree in the exact spot of your prior tree. Arizona stump grinding is much less expensive than digging out the stump and root ball of your tree and greatly reduces the disturbance to the surrounding site.

Our assortment of stump grinders insures that we will have the right machine to remove your stump. From baby grinders to access the otherwise impossible areas, to giant grinders to make short work of the largest stumps, we are equipped to safely and efficiently remove your stump.