Tree Fertilization
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Many of the tree species, which have been planted in our desert are not well suited for our harsh soil conditions. Therefore, they need annual supplemental Arizona tree fertilization. To provide this, we “Root Feed” or inject nutrients at high pressure in a liquid form throughout the root zone where they are needed.

Ralph Spilsbury, founder and President of Tree Doctors Inc., holds a Ph.D. in plant science. As a result of his frustration with the ineffectiveness of most fertilizers ability to correct the deficiencies so common to our area, he researched and developed the Arizona tree fertilizer blends which we use.

Root feeding

Our Formulation Benefits


Contains controlled release fertilizers for sustained feeding all season long


Feeds organically, providing both energy rich carbon and nitrogen for increased microbial activity


Reduces plant stress


Promotes vigorous root growth


Protects roots with non-burning, low salt index formulations


Resists leaching


Contains needed major and minor elements


Improves disease resistance